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My favourite band, the Cure, are coming to Perth. But one day after the tickets went on sale, the only place to buy tickets was on e-bay. Sellers in Melbourne were advertising twenty tickets for sale at $159. (The original price – $119 – already seemed excessive.)

I can’t believe how unethical I’ve become, because I even contemplated buying a ticket from one of these scum. But then I realised that I was perpetuating an injustice. As soon as everyone refuses to buy tickets from scalpers, they’ll stop doing it.

 So I reconciled myself to not seeing the Cure. I decided to stop listening to them, because it was a painful reminder.

But then yesterday at lunch time I decided to go to the Ticketmaster outlet in the city. I don’t know how these things work, and neither did the girl at the counter, but she had restricted viewing tickets. So for $238 me and Nicole will be seeing the back of Robert Smith’s head – but at least the scalpers aren’t getting any money off us.