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People talk so much about life being a journey that it’s a standard way to talk and think about our lives.

But is life like a journey?

Journeys have a destination. Journeys are about getting from one place to another. Sure, they’re more than that; we should enjoy the scenery as we go. But in the end, if there isn’t somewhere we are headed, then we don’t set out on a journey.

Life doesn’t have a simple destination like that – unless it’s death. And death isn’t a culmination, a completion of life so far.

Unless you’re Elizabeth Kubler Ross.

Or maybe even in the Christian story – if death in Christian thought is not a destination as such, then it is at least the transition point to the Christian destination. Maybe it is the expectation of eternal reward or punishment at the end of life that has pushed this metaphor of life as a journey.

And that’s a very individualistic Christianity – it doesn’t factor in Christian hope for the renewal of the Earth, for the establishment of God’s reign on Earth.