When I was growing up, Dad would say there wasn’t much difference between Labor and Liberal any more. There used to be some truth to that, but not at this election. I’m desperate for there to be a change of government because I think so much harm is being done to Australia and the world.

Climate change matters. We’re on a path of destruction and for six years we’ve had a government that has gone backwards on reducing carbon emissions. Scott Morrison took a lump of coal into parliament in 2017 as a stunt. ‘This is coal,’ he said, taunting Labor, ‘don’t be afraid, don’t be scared!’ The Liberals don’t care about climate change. They don’t believe the science or they think it’s just other countries who should be making the changes or they think we can only save the planet if it doesn’t cost very much. The Liberals’ ‘Direct Action Plan’ *pays* polluters to reduce their emissions. Time is running out to do something. The Greens are the most committed to climate change, but Labor is going to be doing a lot more than the Liberals, making big polluters pay and moving away from coal.

Economic fairness matters. My whole life, Australia, UK, and the USA have been living under capitalist extremism. Inequality has been growing – the rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer. Spending on public services has been cut – schools, hospitals, universities, libraries, and public transport are struggling. Things which shouldn’t be privatised have been privatised – big corporations make profits out of running prisons, providing power, water, and other essential services. This isn’t more efficient – it’s less efficient, because our money is going to shareholders, overpaid executives, and spent on marketing and political donations. The unemployed are demonised for their meagre payments and demeaned by a punitive privatised system. Meanwhile, huge tax loopholes that the average person isn’t even aware of cost billions of dollars. I’m impressed that Labor is closing down the loopholes so it has more money to spend on public services – money for cancer treatment, child-care, and dentistry for seniors. This is what Australia needs, not more money in the pockets of those who already have a lot.

Labor have often disappointed me and I’m sure they will again; so many compromises are  made when you’re in government and when you’re holding together such a broad range of interest groups. But the policies Labor are taking to this election will move things in the right direction. Under a Liberal government we’re a greedier country with less compassion for the people doing it tough. If anyone wants some unsolicited voting advice – and I’m sorry, because I know you’re probably already bombarded, but this election really does matter – vote 1 Greens and vote 2 Labor.