Welcome to my new look blog! It’s had a coat of paint but I’m also merging my two blogs – hence the new title. It feels good to have things under the same roof. Here’s the final post from the old blog:

A Biographer in Perth

Abandoned_House_-_panoramio Photo: “Abandoned House” mrfreson, Wikimedia commons.

Starting this separate blog seemed like a good idea at the time. It was January 2014 and I was writing a lot about the art of biography on my original blog, nathanhobby.wordpress.com. It was quite specialised and I thought that (a) it might bore readers who came for other things and (b) if I started a new blog it might help me connect to other biographers and readers of biographies.

As it turns out, I don’t have time to maintain two blogs and most of the readers of this blog would probably enjoy or at least tolerate the things I write on my other blog. So the blogs have merged, and I’ve exported everything on this blog to my new address, https://nathanhobby.com. My two blogs, “The Annotations of Nathan Hobby” and “A Biographer in Perth”, have become one: “Nathan Hobby, a biographer in Perth:…

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