One album will put baby Thomas to sleep: Tiny Ruins’ Brightly Painted One. Itunes says I played the album’s best song, “She’ll Be Coming Around,” seventy times in 2015, but it wasn’t counting all the times it played in the car at 4am in the pre-dawn dark as I looped around the deserted restaurant strip. It’s a soothing indie-folk album, beauty inflected with a wistfulness, never completely sad like so much music I listen to.

It was the year of the Orbweavers too, a quintessentially Melbourne duo (also indie-folk, I suppose), who don’t sing about predictable themes, but instead draw on stories from their city’s history. Their most recent album, Loom, is superb, but my favourite of theirs is probably “On My Way Home,” a catchy and poignant song.

  1. She’ll Be Coming Around – Tiny Ruins (NZ, 2014)
  2. On My Way Home – Orbweavers (Aust, 2009)
  3. Small Plane – Bill Callahan (US, 2013)
  4. Gypsy Candle – Giant Sand (US, 2015)
  5. My Least Favourite Life – Lera Lynn (US, 2015)
    the best thing about True Detective season 2.
  6. Got You Well – Gabrielle Papillion (Canada, 2015)
  7. Vacancy – Aisha Badru (US, 2015) – can you imagine if Sarah Blasko and Lisa Mitchell were the same person?
  8. Confession – Lotte Kestner (US, 2013)
    There’s a beautiful weariness to this song. “Sometimes the moment gets it right / I like the things you say when you drink”
  9. Black Notebook – Ane Brun (Norway, 2015)
  10. If I Could Tell You – Nev Cottee (Britain, 2015)