A new blog I’m following is Literary Minded, Angela Myers’ excellent blog of all things literary from an Australian perspective at http://blogs.crikey.com.au/literaryminded/. I’m overwhelmed by her energy and prolificy, and feel appropriately old and tired. She’s keeping up with everything!

She describes herself as a Gen Y writer and I realise I’m not sure I can call myself this. Not that it wouldn’t be good to be the voice of a generation (until Gen Z comes along and you’re yesterday’s news). But that I feel a perpetual outsider status to be necessary to my sense of self. I guess I’m disloyal to my generation. There’s a lot I don’t like about it.  (But I don’t think it’s as bad or as monolothic as commercial media makes out, either.) Maybe I need to find more of a sense of generation as part of my identity.

(Part of the problem is that I’m on the cusp of Gen Y and Gen X and so I don’t belong in either. )