I feel so lucky to have seen so many good films in 2007. I loved living close to a good cinema for the first time in my life. And I am more convinced than ever that cinemas are the place to watch film. There’s something so asocial and boring about a city of people sitting in their own air-conditioned castles watching DVDs on home cinema systems. Give me the ruined grandeur of an old cinema any day. 

1. The Science of Sleep
A true translation of the magic of dreams and a sweet but smart romance.

2. Atonement
A moving and beautiful drama about love, fiction and redemption.

3. Death At A Funeral
The funniest film I’ve seen in years.

4. Pan’s Labyrinth
A dark and violent parable. 

5. Amazing Grace
I was inspired.

6. Noise
Engaging Australian police drama.

7. The Prestige
Elaborate and surprising steampunk thriller.

8. 28 Weeks Later
Scary thriller authentically post-apocalypse.

9. The Lives of Others
It’s rare for a film this long to hold my attention so utterly.

10. Across the Universe
An enchanting vision of a mystical sixties.