I retitled my novel yesterday.

Over time it’s been Phoebe Jane Anarchy, Revolution’s Pride, Give up your dreams of revolution we’re calling your parents, Dreams of Revolution and Zeal.  On my old blog, I had a poll and the long title was by the far the most popular. But now I have a new title.

 I was walking along Stirling Highway to pick up a takeaway from Bibik Chan when the new one came to me:

The House of Zealots.

Because it’s about a share house of students who have in common, more than anything, zeal – for one of them religious zeal, for the other three political, although these things get mixed up.

(Having written this account of the new title, I already doubt it. I’d already retitled it when I was walking along Stirling Highway. It’s just that I had a sudden vision of the book in my hands, with a black shiny cover and that title on the front. Now I can’t remember how the title really came to me.)