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This album was released on my wife’s 26th birthday. We were in Geraldton, four hundred kilometres  from Perth, and yet there it was sitting in Sanity for $20 on Thursday morning. Nicole is so kind; it was her birthday and yet she bought it as a present for me!

 I was waiting in a department store, so I read over the lyrics to Zeitgeist before I listened to the album. I was not impressed. I found them almost unreadable. (Most lyrics sound a bit wrong read without the music, I think; I wasn’t expecting W.H. Auden – but these were particularly bad.)

Billy should stick to personal angst; I’m afraid his detours into politics and religion are unconvincing. I think he is a stupid genius – he’s got this intuition for writing brilliant songs, but he’s not a thinker.

I haven’t listened to it enough time to form a good judgement yet. It seems to sound more like Billy’s solo album than any Pumpkins album. There are a couple of songs which I like already. And let me say this: I’m so glad this album has been released! I had given up on ever hearing new Pumpkins songs seven years ago.