Spoiler alert.

So much poorer than the film. Jimmy, Sean and Dave are playing in their street when Dave is abducted. He escapes four days later. Fast forward twenty-four years later, and Jimmy’s daughter is murdered. Sean is investigating the case; Dave becomes a prime suspect because he came home bloodied that night. Just before the end we realise that co-incidentally, he murdered a paedophile that night outside the same bar Jimmy’s daughter was last seen. Dave won’t tell his wife the truth; she is Jimmy’s wife’s cousin and she tells Jimmy she suspects Dave did it. Jimmy kills Dave then finds out from Sean the real killer was Katie’s boyfriend’s mute brother and his friend, jealous of the attention she got.The plot is good; it’s the uneven execution I don’t like. It starts out with an eerie, melancholic air. But then it degenerates into a type of writing that feels like a poor Hollywood script – cliches, and lines planted in people’s heads that only belong in bad movies. (See my previous post.)