It’s been a bad day so far because:

  1. When I went to get the bus I got stranded on the traffic island on Stirling Highway while a million cars, including my bus went past. I hate heavy traffic.
  2. When I got to work, I started in a new section where I don’t have a desk. (Or a locker for the moment. Let alone a computer and a phone.)
  3. Somehow my bag got wet, and my precious Yoder book which cost a fortune, The Jewish-Christian Schism got wet. I wanted to cry when this happened. I couldn’t bear to read it with its damp pages. 
  4. In my new job distributing materials through the library, a woman I’ve never seen before in a back section of the library I’ve never been before called after me to stop and show her my badge. I felt humilated. ‘I am a librarian,’ I wanted to yell at her in a snooty voice. (Comebacks came to me about ten minutes later.) ‘You have to show it in a more prominent place!’ she said. I’ve been working here eight months, if you don’t recognise me that’s your fault, I thought.

There’s some of the reasons I’m having a bad day today.