It seems every time I turn on my favourite radio station – Radio National – I hear Phillip Adams’ patronising voice. I must get home at the wrong time, cook dinner at the wrong time.  

For the last seven years, I’ve tried hard to like him. I like some of his politics. I like some of his guests. But he sounds patronising and egotistical to me. It’s something about his voice. It’s like he’s always having an in-joke about himself. And as much as he’s meant to be this spokesman of the left, he doesn’t seem to have much to say.

And for some reason so much of his show is boring. It puts me off international affairs, really. I don’t know why.

And the weird thing is, despite being left-leaning, I usually enjoy the right-leaning Counterpoint. It’s unpredictable, it has a broader range of topics, and I feel like Michael Duffy has opinions in a way that isn’t full of himself. (I’ve barely heard the show for the last year, though, and I think it’s got a new co-presenter.)